Featured package: plyr

The orange slices show how often packages were loaded in the same scripts as plyr.
Blue slices show how often packages were used without plyr
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Scientific Software Network Map

R package data (see validity warning!)

The Scientific Software Network Map allows interactive exploration of data showing which software tools have been used, how use is trending, what packages are used together to produce a result, and the publications that resulted from that use.

Use the menu on the left to browse a sortable list of packages, compare usage patterns and trends of chosen packages, find out about funding and personnel for this project, and read a description of the data source for this demonstration.

You can participate by contributing your own R usage data!


(Validity warning: As of Feb, 2015, this dataset is in its early stages: publication data is not yet available for all packages, and usage stats do not contain a large number of use sessions. So the numbers and relationships portrayed here are not representative of overall global usage.

In the meantime you can check out a richer sample dataset: click here to browse a year's worth of scientific software jobs on a TACC supercomputer)