Source of data

The data currently shown comes from volunteers who are tracking the packages they use in their R analyses on their own computers. (If you are looking for the TACC supercomputer data, it can be found here.) It is displayed using the following assumptions:

  • We assume packages with the same name are the same package. We have distinct version information, but are currently not displaying it for simplicity.
  • We ignore a common baseline of R packages that are installed by default
  • Two packages are considered to be "used together" if they were both used in the same run


To contribute your own usage data to the map, visit for information on how to install the R package.

Other data sources

If you have a scientific software package or suite that you would like to track using this tool, let us know. We are interested in helping you to track your software's usage, even if it is widely deployed at individual researchers' sites.