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Users of this package associated the following 6 publications with the XSEDE allocation/account under which they were running this software. Thus the publications may have come before or after the runs of this software, but the authors considered them to be related to the same line of research.

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  • Paul Walter (University of Texas at Austin), Andrea Nerozzi (University of Lisbon), Richard Matzner (University of Texas at Austin), Jon Allen (University of Texas at Austin), Matthew Anderson (Louisiana State University), Uli Sperhake (University of Cambridge), (February2012) "Using openGR for Numerical Relativity", Twelfth Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity Paris, France World Scientific, 826-828.
  • Pui-kuen Yeung (Georgia Institute of Technology), Diego Donzis (Texas A&M University), K. R. Sreenivasan, (June2012) "Dissipation, enstrophy and pressure statistics in turbulence simulations at high Reynolds numbers", Journal of Fluid Mechanics 700 / undefined, 5-15.
  • Nicholas Malaya, Karl Schulz (University of Texas at Austin), (April2012) "Early Experiences Porting Scientific Applications to the Many Integrated Core (MIC) Platform", TACC-Intel Highly-Parallel Computing Symposium TACC, Austin, TX , .