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Users of this package associated the following 5 publications with the XSEDE allocation/account under which they were running this software. Thus the publications may have come before or after the runs of this software, but the authors considered them to be related to the same line of research.

  • Greg Meece (Michigan State University), Britton Smith, Brian O'Shea (Michigan State University), (March2014) "FRAGMENTATION IN DUSTY LOW-METALLICITY STAR-FORMING HALOS", The Astrophysical Journal 783 / 2, 75.
  • Greg L. Bryan, Michael L. Norman, Brian O'Shea (Michigan State University), Tom Abel, John H. Wise, Matthew J. Turk, Daniel R. Reynolds, David C. Collins, Peng Wang, Sam Skillman (Stanford University), Britton Smith, Robert P. Harkness, James Bordner, Ji-hoon Kim, Michael Kuhlen, Hao Xu, Nathan Goldbaum, Cameron Hummels, Alexei G. Kritsuk, Elizabeth Tasker, Stephen Skory, Christine M. Simpson, Oliver Hahn, Jeffrey S. Oishi, Geoffrey C. So, Fen Zhao, Renyue Cen, Yuan Li, (April2014) "ENZO: AN ADAPTIVE MESH REFINEMENT CODE FOR ASTROPHYSICS", The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 211 / 2, 19.
  • Kyong Min Yeo (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), David M. Romps, (2012) "Measurement of Convective Entrainment using Lagrangian Particles", Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences undefined / undefined, 120907120245001.
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  • Brian Crosby (Michigan State University), Brian O'Shea (Michigan State University), Britton Smith (Michigan State University), Matthew Turk (Columbia University in the City of New York), Oliver Hahn, (2013) "POPULATION III STAR FORMATION IN LARGE COSMOLOGICAL VOLUMES. I. HALO TEMPORAL AND PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT", The Astrophysical Journal 773 / 2, 108.